Project Management Software Evaluation Checklist

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Project Management Software Evaluation Checklist
  • How big will your team be?
  • Will your staff be co-located or work from a variety of locations?
  • Evaluate the overall technical aptitude of your team.
  • What types of tools would help staff work efficiently?
  • Evaluate with an eye toward what is lacking.
  • Are customers located within or external to your company?
  • Evaluate the overall technical aptitude of your customers.
  • Decide how closely customers need to follow your progress.
  • Determine what types of project reports will help customers the most.
  • How often and in what fashion you will meet with customers?
  • Decide which modes work best.
  • Categorize your upcoming work as software development, process redesign, etc.
  • Determine how much money your company will invest in the overall project.
  • Determine how long your project will run.
  • Will the types of projects you engage change dramatically in the next year or two?
  • Will you need additional hardware or expertise to implement the software package?
  •  Is the software hosted by the vendor, or will your company need to manage it?
  • Is the software easy to use, both for technical and non-technical users?
  • Does the software package allow customers to follow project progress?
  • Does the software support a geographically dispersed workforce?
  • Can the software facilitate electronic communication with customers?
  •  Is the software system mobile friendly?
  • Can you add new users to projects without incurring additional costs?
  • Does the software agreement include regular upgrades?
  •  Has the vendor been in business for more than a couple of years?
  • Does the vendor serve other companies similar to yours?
  • Does the software company have any outstanding complaints with the Better Business Bureu?
  • Do the proposed contractual agreements protect you in the case of potential data loss?
Scores 4.78 with 297 votes

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