CMS Implementation Checklist

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CMS Implementation Checklist
  • At least one high-level manager to give you executive input and buy-in.
  • For departmental input and prioritization.
  • Guidance for high-level technical decisions.
  • Committee member who communicates directly with any related vendors.
  • Someone who is not directly involved with implementation, for improved perspective.
  • Represents customer concerns in strategic decisions.
  • Helps to make sure that your new site does not set you up for legal problems.
  • A team leader who can talk to various parties and drive the project.
  • Business unit experts who will develop the individual CMS pages and posts.
  • Someone with an eye for detail and aesthetics to make your website appealing and user-friendly.
  • Maintain regular contact with your CMS vendor contact for training and guidance.
  • How will you run your project? Waterfall? Scrum?
  • Determine the overall goals of your CMS implementation project.
  • Build a catalog of all known tasks that need to be completed.
  • Develop a rough idea of how long each task will require to complete.
  • Determine which tasks are foundational to success and prioritize them first.
  • Determine the relative importance and risk of remaining tasks.
  • Group tasks to be done by related functionality and to fit into your implementation time blocks.
  • Decide how and when you will communicate with project stakeholders.
  • Agree on mechanisms for tracking project progress.
  • When do you need to have the entire project completed?
  • When can work on CMS implementation begin?
  •  What major tasks do you need to have completed by which dates to stay on track?
  • Complete your schedule with grouped, prioritized tasks until all available time is filled.
  • Are there tasks that did not fit into your schedule? Do you need to re-prioritize?
  • Make the implementation schedule available to all members of the implementation team and oversight committee.
  • Who will be allowed to create content on the new site?
  • What design standards with content creators need to follow?
  • What type of content is appropriate (or not appropriate) for the site?
  • What types and sources of images will be used on your site?
  •  Will you include social media components in your site content?
  • Complete the foundational, high-risk tasks.
  • Does the foundation function as you expected?
  • Build on the CMS foundation by completing other tasks in priority order.
  • Does your site perform correctly, and does it look the way you want?
  • Meet regularly with the implementation team to make sure that you are on track.
  • Meet regularly with the oversight committee to report progress and get feedback.
  • Adjust your project plan as organizational priorities shift.
  • Review and adjust content policy as your site takes shape.
  • Engage administrative users to make sure they can use the new CMS efficiently.
Scores 4.77 with 313 votes

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