Prom Checklist

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Prom Checklist
  • How large your group is will affect transportation.
  • Browse online to get ideas. Does your prom have a theme? This may impact your choice of dress.
  • For girls, this may be influenced by what type of dress you choose, as well as any hair accessories and jewelry.
  • Check out carpool options with other parties.
  • Will you be getting ready with friends at someone's house, or prepping solo at home?
  • If you are part of a group, get a consensus of ;everyone's ;budget and meal ;preferences. Shop around for deals - some restaurants offer group discounts, or deals on special occasion parties.
  • You'll want at least a few weeks for this, since you may change your mind or need alterations.
  • Make sure they are comfortable enough to be able to walk in for at least a few hours!
  • Bring pictures so your hair stylist knows what you want.
  • These can be done a day or two before the event to save time.
  • Getting take-out food and eating it before you prep is an alternative (and cheaper) dinner plan.
  • If hiring a driver, arrange all pickup/drop-off details and hours of service beforehand.
  • If you are going in a group, plan to meet at a location where everyone can take photographs.
  • Make sure you know where you'll be staying, whether at a hotel, your home, or a friend's house.
  • If you are getting a manicure/pedicure, get nails done first, then hair, ending with makeup.
  • Prep at your planned location, and finish off with any accessories.
  • Smile!
  • Make sure to bring enough money for the bill and tip.
  • Make sure you have your prom tickets and ID ready.
Scores 4.77 with 245 votes

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