Event Checklist

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  • Choose the purpose of the event. Is it a celebration, a fundraiser, or something else? This will influence the kind of event you will hold.
  • Choose a theme that is relevant, but also interesting. Cliche themes won't attract many guests.
  • Look around for places that can hold the event. Meet with potential space providers.
  • You might need to appoint someone, or yourself, as event manager.
  • Build committees if they are required. With a big enough event, you might need several of them and need to appoint a chair for each.
  • Get estimates for food, drinks, space and rental equipment. This will help with budgeting.
  • If providing artistic entertainment, hire well-known entertainers or hold auditions.
  • Determine if you will require sponsorships. Build a sponsorship sheet, with the different levels, so that potential sponsors know right away at what level they want to participate.
  • Get an initial budget from the financial committee. This step is very important.
  • Check if you need any kind of permit or license to hold an event or serve alcohol.
  • Review proposals for decorations and printing.
  • If charging a cover, decide the price.
  • Build a mailing list with potential guests or businesses to contact.
  • Choose a final date and check for conflicts with your providers.
  • Choose your graphic designer and draft the documentation and invitations.
  • Order the printing for invitations, hold-the-date reminders and other early stationery.
  • Build your marketing timeline with your public relations specialist.
  • Hold committee meetings regularly, and request reports.
  • Send your requests for funding to your potential donors.
  • Ask your confirmed sponsors for their logos for publicity printing.
  • Meet with your graphic designer and confirm the design for all printed material.
  • Order the printing for posters and other stationery after the design is finalized.
  • If required, have the admission tickets printed and ready for distribution.
  • Write down the final mailing list for guests, and print the letters or send the emails.
  • Sign the contracts with the entertainers.
  • Build a list of potential poster locations. Send out people to verify the availability of space.
  • Plan your publicity and interviews with television and radio stations, and printed media.
  • If serving food, build the menu with your caterer. Make sure you consider the dietary requirements of your guests.
  • Request permits from your municipality if required.
  • Sign an insurance contract with your insurer.
  • Confirm celebrity participation in writing.
  • Organize a party that coincides with the sending of invitations.
  • Write personal notes for the invitations and have them mailed.
  • Have your posters distributed and placed at previously chosen locations.
  • Reserve accommodations for your VIPs, if required.
  • Arrange transportation for your VIPs, if required.
  • Confirm the presence of the media at your event. Assign journalist passes.
  • Confirm sponsorships and request logos for the final program.
  • Request final plans from each committee chair.
  • Review and finalize the event's budget.
  • Build a final task list leading up to the event.
  • Follow up on ticket sales. Call any guests that haven't responded yet.
  • Place your ads in newspapers, television and radio.
  • Hire staff for the day of the event.
  • Confirm VIP participation in writing.
  • Build space diagrams for the room or rooms, build a table plan and assign seats.
  • Provide guest estimate to your caterer, and request a final quote.
  • Review the timeline for the event, and confirm the scripts with participants.
  • Organize the traveling arrangements with VIPs.
  • Confirm security needs and appoint a security agency.
  • Schedule last-minute meetings with committees. Work out final details.
  • Confirm final attendance with ticket or table sales.
  • Confirm the staffing for the event. Hire any necessary extra staff.
  • Provide the timeline to all event participants.
  • Confirm final catering order.
  • Confirm final alcohol order if not provided by the caterer.
  • Confirm media coverage with journalists or stations.
  • Schedule and hold rehearsals if necessary.
  • Write the cheques that need to be given to providers on the day of the event.
  • Lay out your clothes for the event. Prepare a change of clothes in case of emergency.
  • Verify that all supplies are available or confirm with providers for their delivery time.
  • Arrange to arrive early to receive all deliveries and finalize last-minute details.
  • Make sure that all supplies are on hand.
  • Confirm scripts and timeline with VIPs.
  • Confirm positions and tasks with staff.
  • Make sure the lights and sound are working properly with your technicians.
  • If holding a final rehearsal, have it a few hours before the event, after the sound and lighting have been set up.
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