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Easily create, customize, embed or share online forms.

Every Response becomes a Task in a table:

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No Coding Required!

How does it work?

Use one of our free templates or start from scratch with a Checklist (use a Table view).
Customize the form to fit your situation by adding, edting or removing questions, introduction or instructions.
Embed the form on your website or share it as a link via emails or a QR code.
Manage responses as tasks in your checklist. Assign them, update status, mark as completed & more.
Export responses to Excel/CSV or sync them with your favorite apps.
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Form Field Types:

The following fields are available for your forms.

Text - Can be used for short text inputs.

Long Text - Useful for long paragraphs or multiple lines of text.

Check - A checkbox for yes/no or true/false responses.

Choice - Allows users to select from a predefined list of options.

Number - For numeric input, both integer and decimal values.

Date and Time - Enables users to pick a specific date and time.

Date - Specifically for selecting a date.

Time - Specifically for selecting a time.

Email - Validates and collects email addresses.

URL - Validates and collects website URLs.

File Upload - Allows users to upload files or documents.

Assignment - Assigns a task or responsibility to a specific individual or group. * - currently in beta.

The online Checklist Forms can be used for:

customer feedback
job applications
surveys or polls
event registration
service requests
employee onboarding
and more ...

Check out example checklist form templates:

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