Retirement Checklist

Fae Fisher

Fae Fisher

created on Jan 2, 2012

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    Do some research to be sure your plan matches your needs and budget.
    Discuss it with beneficiaries.
    Be sure to investigate employee benefits before doing so.
    Find Bed & Breakfasts.
    Find a school.
    Start a company.
    Find a gym or personal trainer.
    Find a website design company.
    Find a language school.
    Find pet services.
    Find health care options.
    Perhaps renovate your home or go green!
    Consider things like proximity to transportation hubs, hospitals, family and friends, etc.
    Research the market and find a realtor.
    Enlist the help of a real estate agent.
    See our Buy a House checklist.
    Find a property management company.
    (Such as walk-in bathtub, door handles, wheelchair accessibility, etc.). Find tradesmen.
4.81 with 243 votes


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