Financial Plan Checklist

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  • This cash is off limits until you're in your golden years!
  • After 3 months move on to step three.
  • If you can, use bonuses or tax refunds to top off your emergency fund.
  • You will need those for later, and you don't want to create more debt.
  • Progress down the list this way, ending by paying off the card with the lowest rate.
  • Contact your bank for details.
  • This depends on your current age, amount of savings you have now, and your estimated costs for life in retirement.
  • Save the highest legal amount you can annually. That's $16,500 for a 401(k) and $1,000 ;for an IRA.
  • Maybe it's saving for a college fund, or paying off your ;mortgage.
  • For college tuition, saving can be tricky because of so many shifting factors. You'll want a more structured savings plan. For paying off loans, keep funds liquid and stable in a CD or interest-earned checking account. Saving cash for a yacht in retirement? It's ok to invest a portion in the stock market...just play carefully!
Scores 4.76 with 369 votes

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