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Simple Yet Powerful

  • Unlimited Checklists, Tasks and Subtasks

    Organize tasks and subtasks without any restrictions to manage your to-do lists more efficiently.

  • Due Dates & Reminders

    Set due dates and receive reminders to ensure timely completion of tasks and meet deadlines.

  • Customizable Dashboard

    Our Smartlists, including, Today, Priority, Due, and Expired, help you focus on what’s important now.

  • Attachments

    Attach files, documents, images, and other material to tasks to keep all the necessary information in one place and access it easily from anywhere.

  • Sync & Backup

    Automatically sync data across all your devices (web, iOS & Android) and backup your data to ensure that you can access your checklists and tasks from anywhere and that your data is safe and secure.

  • Task Notes

    Add notes to tasks to provide additional context, instructions, or details, and communicate more effectively with others.

  • Task Priority

    Assign priorities to tasks, high, medium, or low, to manage workload effectively and focus on what’s important.

  • Collaboration

    Share checklists, assign tasks, and collaborate with team members, family, or friends to achieve shared goals more effectively.

  • Search & Filter

    Easily find and manage tasks by searching for specific tasks by name or filtering them based on criteria such as priority or due date.

Checklist for Business

Simple yet powerful Checklists to Automate your business processes

Automating your business with checklists can help you achieve better quality, efficiency, and consistency by ensuring that critical tasks are completed accurately and on time. By automating routine tasks with checklists, you can reduce errors and increase productivity, freeing up time and resources to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives that drive growth and innovation. Checklists can also help you achieve compliance with industry regulations and standards, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products or services consistently and reliably.

How It Works

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1. Create

Map a repetitive business process to a simple Checklist Template by defining a list of tasks that need to be completed (including notes, due dates or reminders to each task). Tasks can be checked or even require specific answers such as text, numbers, files or images.
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2. Trigger

Triggering a template creates a checklist which can be used by your team. Easily trigger a checklist from Dashboard or set automated schedules for triggering. You can even automatically assign them to users.
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3. Play

Users go through the checklist and complete the tasks. Choose from different 'views' (such as table, form or focused step-by-step). Users check off tasks and enter required information. Easily and in one place.
Checklist Views

4. Manage

Gain visibility and insight into the status of the checklists, track progress and identify bottlenecks. Bring what's important to your customizable Dashboard
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