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Checklist templates are personalized guides that simplify and streamline Repetitive Business Processes. They're valuable tools for real estate agents, aiding in tasks such as property listings, open houses, client communications, marketing, staff management, and overall agency operations. Customizable to fit various real estate processes, these checklists ensure nothing is overlooked, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Checklist is our tailored solution for real estate agencies of all sizes, from boutique firms to expansive enterprises.

  • Bootstrap your agency using our customizable checklist templates tailored to your specific needs and workflows.
  • Trigger templates by online form submissions, from the app dashboard or on schedule.
  • Manage the process with the simplicity of a checklist
  • Share checklists within your team, customers, leads and suppliers
  • See the big picture from our intuitive Dashboard
  • Free Download as PDF, Excel, CSV or integrate with other systems.

Client Management

Real Estate Agent Checklist for New Sellers
New Sellers

Designed for agents managing property listings, this template organizes essential information from new sellers, such as property details, pricing expectations, and timelines. It aids in creating a tailored marketing strategy and ensures all seller requirements are met.

Real Estate Agent Checklist for New Buyers
New Buyers

Tailored for buyer representation, this checklist compiles critical buyer preferences, budget, and desired property features. It assists agents in shortlisting suitable properties and streamlining the house-hunting process for an efficient and targeted approach.

Real Estate Agent Checklist for New Landlords
New Landlords

This template is crafted for agents handling rental properties, gathering comprehensive landlord information, property specifications, and rental criteria. It aids in effectively marketing the property and aligning tenant searches with landlord expectations.

Real Estate Agent Checklist for New Tenants
New Tenants

Ideal for capturing leads, this template helps agents record information from potential clients exploring real estate options. It includes key client interests and contact details, enabling agents to provide personalized follow-ups and services.

Real Estate Contact Us Checklist Form
Contact us Form

This real estate checklist form, ideally placed on a website, is designed to enhance agent-client communication by offering a systematic approach to collecting essential initial client details and questions. Includes fields for contact information, ensuring quick and orderly follow-ups.

Property Listings

Real Estate Listing Checklist

Ensuring a property is ready for the market is simplified with this checklist. From capturing compelling photos to creating captivating listings, it guides agents through the process of showcasing a property at its best.

Open House Checklist
Open House

Optimized for hosting successful open houses, this checklist covers everything from property preparation to engaging with potential buyers. It helps real estate agents make a lasting impression during property showings.

Transactions Tracking

Real Estate Closing Checklist Template

Specifically crafted for the closing phase of real estate transactions, this checklist ensures that all necessary details and documents are in order, leading to a successful and stress-free closing process.

Real Estate Closing Documents Checklist
Closing Documents

Simplify the closing process with this checklist, which outlines the necessary documents involved in finalizing a real estate transaction. It ensures a smooth and error-free closing experience.

Real Estate Transaction Checklist

Covering the entire transaction lifecycle, this checklist guides agents through each stage, from initial client meetings to closing deals. It ensures a systematic approach to successful real estate transactions.

Daily Tasks

Real Estate Agent Daily Checklist

Real Estate Agent Daily Checklist

Streamline day-to-day operations with this daily checklist. It covers crucial tasks such as client follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and market research, enhancing an agent's efficiency and productivity.

Realtor Checklist

Tailored for real estate agents operating under the title of Realtor™ this checklist encompasses a range of tasks essential for success in the competitive real estate market. From effectively marketing properties to ensuring compliance with industry standards, client communication, property showings, and negotiation strategies.

Real Estate Agent Checklist

Real Estate Agent Checklist

This comprehensive checklist equips real estate agents with a step-by-step guide for managing various tasks, from property listings to client communications. It streamlines the agent's workflow, ensuring nothing is overlooked during the real estate process.

Human Resources

New Real Estate Agent Checklist

New Real Estate Agent Checklist

Geared towards new entrants in the real estate industry, this checklist guides agents through the initial stages of their career. It covers training, licensing requirements, and building a foundational understanding of the real estate market.

New Real Estate Agent Onboarding Checklist

New Real Estate Agent Onboarding Checklist

Specifically designed for onboarding new agents into a real estate agency, this checklist ensures a smooth transition by covering training, introductions, and administrative tasks. It sets the stage for a successful career in real estate.

Agency Management

Real Estate Agency Checklist

Real Estate Agency Checklist

This checklist provides a comprehensive overview of tasks relevant to running a successful real estate agency. From staff management to marketing strategies, it ensures that all aspects of agency operations are systematically addressed.

Real Estate Assistant Checklist

Real Estate Assistant Checklist

Tailored for real estate assistants, this checklist details tasks related to supporting agents and managing administrative responsibilities. It enhances collaboration and ensures a well-organized work environment.

Regulatory & Compliance

Real Estate Agent Tax Deductions Checklist

Real Estate Agent Tax Deductions Checklist

This checklist assists agents in maximizing tax deductions by outlining eligible expenses related to their real estate business. It ensures agents can take full advantage of available tax benefits.

Real Estate Audit Checklist

Real Estate Audit Checklist

Designed for internal assessments, this checklist covers key areas of a real estate business. It ensures compliance, efficiency, and identifies areas for improvement through a systematic audit process.

Real Estate Compliance Checklist

Real Estate Compliance Checklist

Stay compliant with industry regulations using this checklist. It details necessary actions to adhere to legal and ethical standards, safeguarding the reputation of the real estate agent and agency.

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Real Estate Agent Checklist Forms

To enhance the efficiency of your real estate processes, Checklist provides an additional feature tailored for real estate agents – Checklist Forms. Simplify your workflow by starting with a form template, utilizing our user-friendly form builder to customize it according to your specific needs, and then seamlessly sharing it through links, QR codes, or embedding it directly into your website. Any submission through these forms will automatically be integrated as a task within the corresponding checklist, streamlining your task management process.

Examples of Checklist Forms used in real estate:

Property Inquiry Form

Allow potential buyers or renters to provide details on their preferences and requirements

Contact Information Update Form

Ensure accurate and up-to-date contact information for clients, leads, and prospects with this form

Buyer Preferences Form

Tailor property recommendations to the preferences of potential buyers using this form

Seller Property Information Form

Simplify the listing process by collecting key details about a property from sellers

Open House Registration Form

Allow attendees to register and providing agents with valuable contact information for follow-up

Property Viewing Feedback Form

Gather feedback from clients and leads after property viewings

Mortgage Pre-Approval Application

Streamline the mortgage pre-approval process for potential buyers using this form

Rental Application Form

Collect information from potential tenants applying for rental properties

Client Testimonial Submission Form

Encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences & collect valuable testimonials for marketing purposes

Referral Request Form

Expand your client base by asking satisfied clients for referrals via word-of-mouth recommendations

Appointment Scheduling Form

Simplify the appointment scheduling process for clients with this form

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Collect feedback from clients after a successful transaction

Closing Checklist Form

Ensure a smooth closing process by organizing and tracking essential tasks and documents

Benefits of using Checklist in your Real Estate Agency:

  • Organization. Keep tasks and projects organized in one central location.
  • Efficiency. Streamline processes and increase productivity with a systematic approach.
  • Collaboration. Facilitate team collaboration by sharing and editing checklists in real-time.
  • Customization. Tailor checklists to specific needs and workflows for individual or team use.
  • Accessibility. Access checklists from anywhere, fostering flexibility and remote work capabilities.
  • Notification and Alerts. Receive reminders and alerts for upcoming tasks or deadlines.
  • Track Progress. Monitor task completion and project progress at a glance.
  • Data Security. Ensure the security of sensitive information with robust data protection measures.
  • Integration. Integrate with other tools and apps to create a seamless workflow.
  • Analytics. Gain insights into performance and identify areas for improvement with analytics features.

Features of Checklist for Real Estate Agents:

  • Template Library. Kickstart your agency library of checklist template using our pre-made templates.
  • App. Enjoy unlimited checklists, tasks and templates in a simple yet powerful checklist app.
  • Anywhere. Access checklists from anywhere and collaborate with team members in real-time on web, iOS & Android.
  • Forms. Turn form submissions into actionable checklists or tasks for your team.
  • Sharing. Share your checklists with colleagues and clients via links, QR codes, or website embed.
  • Download as PDF. Download your checklists as PDF, Excel or CSV.
  • Integration. Integrate checklists with other tools and apps to create a seamless workflow.
  • Dashboards. Get a bird's eye view of your team's progress with checklists and tasks dashboards.

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