Real Estate Agent Checklist Template for New Landlords Onboarding

Real Estate Agent Checklist for New Landlords

    Landlord Information

    Full Name

    Contact Number

    Email Address

    Address of Residence

    Preferred Method of Contact

    Property Details

    Property Address

    Type of Property

    Apartment, House, Condo etc.

    Year of Construction

    Total Square Footage

    Number of Bedrooms

    Number of Bathrooms

    Parking Facilities

    Garage, Street Parking, etc.

    Heating and Cooling Systems

    Recent Renovations or Upgrades

    Rental Terms

    Desired Monthly Rent

    Security Deposit Amount

    Lease Duration

    12 months, 6 months, etc.

    Pet Policy and Fees

    Smoking Policy

    Tenant Requirements

    Minimum Income Requirement

    Credit Score Requirement

    Rental History Verification

    Employment Verification

    Personal References

    Property Management

    Property Management Company

    Maintenance Contact Information

    Emergency Contact Procedures

    Legal Documentation

    Property Ownership Documentation

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    Insurance Details

    Liability, Property, etc.

    Drag & drop a file or click here

    Compliance with Local Housing Regulations

    Drag & drop a file or click here

    Marketing Preferences

    Preferred Advertising Channels

    Online, Print, Open house etc.

    Availability for Property Showings

    Key Selling Points of the Property

    Tenant Screening Process

    Screening Criteria

    Application Fee

    Background Check Authorization

    Financial Information

    Bank Account Details for Rent Collection

    Preferred Payment Method

    Check, Electronic Transfer, Credit Card

    Agreement and Acknowledgments

    Landlord's Signature

    Date of Completion

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