Real Estate Listing Checklist

Real Estate Listing Checklist

    Agent Information

    Agent Full Name

    Agency Name

    Contact Number

    Email Address

    License Number

    Property Details

    Property Address

    Type of Property

    Apartment, House, Condo etc.

    Year of Construction

    Total Square Footage

    Number of Bedrooms

    Number of Bathrooms

    Parking Facilities

    Garage, Street Parking, etc.

    Unique Features

    Pool, Garden, Fireplace etc.

    Recent Renovations or Upgrades

    Property Documentation

    Property Ownership Documentation

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    Property Tax Records

    Drag & drop a file or click here

    Recent Appraisal Report

    Drag & drop a file or click here

    Home Inspection Report

    Drag & drop a file or click here

    Home Warranty Information

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    Listing Details

    Desired Listing Price

    Comparative Market Analysis

    Listing Duration

    30 days, 60 days, etc.

    Exclusive Listing Agreement

    Marketing Strategy

    Professional Photography

    Number of Photos, Video Tour etc.

    Property Description

    Key Selling Points, Neighborhood Details etc.

    Marketing Channels

    Online, Print, Social Media etc.

    Open House Schedule

    Virtual Tour Setup

    Legal and Compliance

    Disclosure Statements

    Lead Paint, Asbestos, etc.

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    Compliance with Local Housing Regulations

    Zoning Information

    Environmental Hazards Information

    Seller's Preferences

    Seller's Preferred Closing Date

    Conditions for Sale

    Furniture Included, Repairs, etc.

    Showing Availability

    Weekdays, Weekends, Hours etc.

    Financial Details

    Estimated Closing Costs

    Mortgage Information

    Balance, Lender etc.

    Outstanding Liens or Judgments

    Preparation for Showings

    Staging Recommendations

    Cleaning and Repair Checklist

    Lockbox Installation

    Communication Plan

    Regular Update Frequency

    Weekly, Bi-weekly etc.

    Preferred Method of Communication

    Closing Process

    Title Company Information

    Closing Agent Contact Information

    Final Walk-Through Schedule

    Agreement and Acknowledgments

    Agent's Signature

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    Date of Completion

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