Real Estate Agent Checklist Template for New Buyer Onboarding

Real Estate Agent Checklist for New Buyers

    Client Information

    Full Name

    Contact Number

    Email Address

    Preferred Method of Contact

    Budget and Financing

    Maximum Budget for the Property

    Pre-approved Mortgage Amount (if any)

    Down Payment Amount

    Property Preferences:

    Type of Property

    Number of Bedrooms

    Number of Bathrooms

    Desired Square Footage

    Preferred Neighborhood(s)

    Specific School District

    Proximity to Work or Public Transportation

    Property Features:


    Tick if yes


    Tick if yes

    Swimming Pool

    Tick if yes

    Yard or Outdoor Space

    Tick if yes

    Special Amenities

    Timeline and Availability:

    Desired Move-in Date

    Flexibility in Move-in Date

    Availability for Property Tours

    Additional Requirements

    Any Specific Requirements or Preferences Not Mentioned Above


    Buyer's Identification

    Drag & drop a file or click here

    Proof of Funds

    Drag & drop a file or click here

    Mortgage Pre-approval Letter

    Drag & drop a file or click here

    Property Addresses of Interest

    List of Properties with Addresses that the Buyer is Interested In

    Notes and Comments

    Any Additional Comments or Questions from the Buyer

    Agreement Acknowledgment

    Acknowledgment of Buyer's Understanding of the Process and Agreement with Agent's Services

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