Real Estate Agent Checklist Template for New Tenants Onboarding

Real Estate Agent Checklist for New Tenants

    Tenant Personal Information

    Full Name

    Current Address

    Contact Number

    Email Address

    Preferred Method of Contact

    Housing Requirements

    Desired Property Type

    Apartment, House, Studio, etc.

    Preferred Location/Area

    Number of Bedrooms

    Number of Bathrooms

    Desired Amenities

    In-unit Laundry, Air Conditioning, etc.

    Pet Requirements

    Pet-Friendly, No Pets, etc.

    Budget and Financing

    Monthly Rent Budget

    Security Deposit Budget

    Proof of Income

    Pay Stubs, Bank Statements, etc.

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    Credit Score Range


    Desired Move-in Date

    Lease Length Preference

    6 months, 12 months, etc.

    Urgency of Housing Need

    Lifestyle Preferences

    Proximity to Work/School

    Proximity to Public Transportation

    Preferred Neighborhood Characteristics

    Quiet, Urban, Family-Friendly, etc.

    Additional Requirements

    Accessibility Needs

    Parking Requirements

    On-site Parking, Street Parking, etc.

    Storage Needs


    Government-issued Identification

    Driver's License, Passport, etc.

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    Rental History

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    Employment Verification

    Contact Information for Employer

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    Agent Notes

    Specific Client Preferences or Requests

    Initial Impressions or Observations

    Follow-Up Actions Planned

    Date of Next Contact

    Method of Next Contact

    Specific Topics or Properties to Discuss

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