Party Planning Checklist

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Party Planning Checklist
  • Decide on the day, and the time of the day. People usually have parties on weekends, but don't feel restrained if your guests are available during the week.
  • Write down your guest list and give "plus ones" if necessary.
  • Invite your guests by phone, email or even Facebook. Facebook has become a very useful tool in party-planning, but don't neglect your friends who are not on the site.
  • Make a budget and stick to it. If you will require help from your guests, let them know how much. Consider a "bring your own beverage" party to save on alcohol.
  • Look through your house for party supplies. Write down anything you are missing.
  • Go to your rental store and reserve anything you might need at least ten days ahead, if not more.
  • Plan the food, whether you are cooking or having a potluck.
  • After planning your menu, assign dishes (or at least a course) to your guests.
  • Choose the music you will play, if any, and think about ways to keep the children busy and safe without much adult supervision.
  • Confirm your guests' attendance, but leave flexibility for last-minute arrangements.
  • If you decide to decorate your house, choose how and buy the supplies in the store.
  • Start doing the bigger cleaning, such as floors and windows.
  • You can buy the beverages and non-perishables at this point.
  • Clean up your refrigerator and make space for all the food you'll buy and prepare during the following days.
  • Do lighter cleaning like dusting and counters. Take clutter away.
  • Go shopping for the perishables and cook the dishes that can be preserved in the fridge or in the freezer.
  • Make sure your photo and video cameras are charged and ready to be used.
  • If children are attending, make sure you remove anything dangerous to them.
  • Buy the produce for the salads and other fresh meals, and prepare the dishes that are left.
  • Set up your table and use any decoration you bought.
  • Make sure you have enough seating for everyone. Don't be afraid to ask your guests to bring their folding chairs if necessary.
  • Buy ice from the store and set up your bar.
  • Have the snack bowls ready before the first guests arrive.
  • If your party is in the winter, prepare space for the influx of boots and coats.
  • Since you planned so well, you'll have a great time!
Scores 4.76 with 239 votes

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