Class Reunion Event Checklist

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Class Reunion Event Checklist
  • Once it's established, assign a chairperson and treasurer. Email old classmates who live nearby, and ask if they will work as volunteers. Decide how frequently to meet and create an event schedule, such as having a venue booked by a certain date.
  • Groups like "food and beverage" and "decorations and programs" will help evenly distribute work among volunteers.
  • Determine where the money will be obtained, such as donations, event tickets or both. If you decide classmates must buy tickets for the reunion, establish a ticket price.
  • Many reunions often take place over the Thanksgiving holiday as people fly home to spend time with family.
  • Options include a banquet hall, hotel or bar/restaurant.
  • Make a list of classmate contact information so you can invite them, via evite or or by mail. You can also poll the guests on reunion themes and class gifts.
  • Assign a volunteer to keep track of how many people are planning to attend the reunion. Wait until you have a good ideas of how many classmates will be attending before ordering supplies for the party.
  • Buffets are popular, though reunions held at bars and restaurants may opt to allow attendees to order from the establishment menu, which is a cheaper option. Whatever you do, make sure there are food items available for vegetarian and vegan classmates.
  • Talk to your venue's manager to establish a rate for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, or purchase your own.
  • Your venue will most likely supply these items for you.
  • Remember to confirm and re-confirm the date and time with your selected entertainment.
  • Assign a volunteer to put together a slideshow of old photos. Email classmates about contributing photos if desired.
  • Gather photos and items that were popular during your high school years, such as toys, gadgets and framed news headlines.
  • Options could include class year coffee mugs, mint tins, hand towels, address books or canteens.
  • Ask local businesses to donate items for use in raffles and silent auctions. Purchase "awards" if desired to distribute to classmates, such as "Most Changed."
Scores 4.76 with 301 votes

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