Rehearsal Dinner Checklist

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Rehearsal Dinner Checklist
  • A day before is highly ;recommended.
  • ;Business ;first, pleasure later! The dinner will allow guests to unwind, relax, and indulge in the delicious meal you've planned for them.
  • How many people are in your bridal party? Are you inviting others to the dinner as well? Have an aproximate number to give the restaurant.
  • Ensure the venue is available for the rehearsal, preferably the day before the wedding.
  • Ensure the venue can ;accommodate ;your party on the specified date.
  • ;Many restaurants offer great group rates for special parties, so be sure to ask for all the details.
  • If you're using a planned menu, be sure to sample at least some of the items your guests will be served.
  • If you have a planned (Set) menu, typically desserts are included, but ask to be sure. Bringing your own cake or wine? Check with the venue first to confirm if this is allowed. If you plan on serving other alcoholic beverages with the meal, find out what drinks (if any) can be included.
  • Ensure a seating plan, or at least get an idea of how the tables will be organized. Even if you can't all fit at one table, the arrangement should make everyone feel that they are together as part of the group.
  • For example, if your rehearsal begins at 6, you may want to make your reservation for 8. Allow enough time for unexpected delays.
  • Take into consideration any diet restrictions your guests may have, such as shellfish or nut allergies.
  • This includes the number and order of all those participating in the wedding.
  • Come up with a basic plan for entrance and exit, where your bridal party members will stand, and any other details that need to be addressed.
  • Ask someone to stand in. If someone can't make it to the rehearsal, make sure they know the plan on wedding day.
  • How will your bridal party be standing? How should they exit? You, your wedding planner or venue coordinator should iron out the details and ;ensure ;everyone understands their respective roles.
  • If you have flower girls or ring bearers,
  • Ensure everyone has enough to eat and drink, and refreshment requests are being fulfilled by the waitstaff.
Scores 4.76 with 144 votes

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