High School Checklist

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High School Checklist
  • You know you will need paper and pencils, binders, folders, a ruler, and a calculator (if your school allows them). Your school should let you know how much of each item to buy.
  • Different teachers will require specific sizes of binders; and map pencils, a compass, and other such supplies will be needed for different classes.
  • Spend the money to get a good one - wear and tear will take its toll, and buying quality means not having to replace it before the year's end.
  • If your school requires uniforms, buy early and have a tailor custom fit them to your child. Find out what regulations apply for hair length, jewelry, and footwear. Don't forget clothes for PE.
  • Most schools demand a record of all shots be submitted, or else a signed affidavit attesting to a religious conviction exempting the child because of their parents' beliefs.
  • A physical is required for most children entering high school - a special physical may be needed for athletes competing in various sports.
  • Any medication your child is on that must be administered during school hours must be submitted to the school nurse along with permission to administer and instructions for dosing.
  • Any disability, medical condition or allergies should be made known to school officials. If severe conditions exist, a medical bracelet is a good idea.
  • This applies to students on sports teams, in the band or on the cheer squad.
  • Sports players need equipment, band members need instruments, cheerleaders need pompoms.
  • Parents are expected to contribute in some way, monetarily or with service.
  • In some districts, textbooks must be purchased.
  • Many high schools have fees for the science lab.
  • Fees for these may be steep, especially for overnight trips. Plan ahead.
  • Even if you don't buy the whole package, school portraits are nice to have to chronologically track your child through their school years.
  • This is an important commemorative item.
  • Be prepared to shell out for dresses and mums, tuxes and corsages - maybe even a limo.
  • Every school has them - the necessary evil.
  • Make a point of getting to know the principal, vice principal, secretary, school nurse, counselor, and all of the teachers.
  • Find out what extra programs are offered to further socialize your child.
  • Set strict rules for getting homework done from week one.
  • Go over the school policy handbook and make sure your child understands what is expected of them, both academically and personally - and consequences for bad behavior.
Scores 4.77 with 213 votes

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