Casual House Party Checklist

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Casual House Party Checklist
  • Choose a suitable date. Weekends are usually good, especially with adults who work full-time.
  • Build your guest list. Decide if guests are allowed to bring friends.
  • Send your invitations, and plan at least a month ahead for major holidays.
  • Write down a preliminary budget. Consider financial participation from guests.
  • Take an inventory of your party supplies.
  • Reserve any rental supplies you may need on the day of the party.
  • Plan your menu and write your shopping list.
  • If you are not cooking certain food items, order them now.
  • If having a potluck party, assign the dishes along with the invitations.
  • Start building your music playlist, and plan some movies to keep kids busy in the evening.
  • Confirm attendance with the people on your guest list.
  • Plan your decoration and go to the store to buy any decorating supplies.
  • If kids are coming, plan activities specifically for them.
  • If having the party at your house, start the heavy cleaning.
  • Go buy the beverages and other non-perishable items.
  • Make space in your fridge for the food you will cook during the week.
  • Clean up what is left; do the dusting and clean your counters. Put the clutter of your house away.
  • Buy perishables and prepare the food that can be done in advance and kept in the fridge or freezer.
  • Make sure the batteries of the cameras are charged. You wouldn't want to miss a great moment because of a dead battery!
  • If children are coming, child-proof dangerous areas.
  • Prepare the food that needs to be fresh, and buy produce for salads and desserts.
  • Decorate your table and your house.
  • Take out the extra chairs for your guests.
  • Take out the beverages for the bar. Don't forget to get ice!
  • Take out the snack bowls and platters and set them on the table.
  • Set aside space for coats and boots if your party is in the winter.
Scores 4.76 with 149 votes

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