Blind Date Checklist

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  • Regardless of how much time you have before your blind date, be it a week or a day, get at least twenty minutes of real exercise in beforehand. Exercise can boost your self confidence, ease anxiety and ground your emotions. As always, check with your physician before starting any new health regimen. Examples of beneficial exercise include:
  • Twenty minutes of good cardiovascular exercise helps the blood move through your body, renewing blood cells, bringing oxygen to the brain, increasing concentration and focus.
  • This moving meditation relaxes and recenters the sense of self. Self awareness is paramount to successful relationships. When you’re aware of how your thoughts and actions are influencing the world around you, you may enhance your sense of intuition and connect more deeply with your own likes and dislikes. Understanding your wants, needs and desires may enable you to be a more efficient partner and better judge of whether or not certain people suit your life.
  • Our bodies are at least seventy percent water. There’s something special about our propensity for buoyancy. Connecting with this aspect of your being can enhance your connection with the world around you and how, sometimes, we all need a little help from our friends. Will your new potential mate help you feel buoyant? Only you can decide.
  • Eight hours of sleep, always. Numerous studies, show that lack of sleep can have serious side effects. Tiredness can be a turnoff for some. Do your best to be bright and alert on your blind date.
  • Fashion says a lot about who you are. Are you projecting a relaxed vibe? Serious? Casual, or indifferent? Dressing appropriately for the person you are (if you spend everyday at the office, don’t squeeze into flip-flops you’ll never wear again) builds a foundation for subsequent dates with your potential mate. Being yourself puts people at ease. Be sure to dress appropriately for your environment. Some examples of appropriate blind date attire include:
  • This is best used for any restaurant setting, art gallery or semi-formal gathering.
  • Keep casual attire for blind dates outdoors at a park, to the movies or carnivals. If you’re accustomed to hitting the town wearing casual attire, continue on, but be sure to check with the restaurant or club you’re visiting to ensure you’ll meet their dress-code. Not being allowed into a club or restaurant on a blind date while your date is eager for a night on the town is a sure fire way to end the night early.
  • Whether male or female or other sexual preference, be prepared to pay your own way and the way of your partner. Splitting the costs of the entire date all the way through is a diplomatic approach but if neither of you bring any money, you may spend your first date together scrambling to ATM machines rather than enjoying each others company.
  • One of the greatest ways to break the ice on a blind date is to bring your date a small gift. It can be a rose (yes, these even works on guys), a funny greeting card, candy or chocolates. Blind dates are a two way street. Use your imagination and help kick off the date with some fun. However, don’t be upset if your date doesn’t have a gift for you. Not everyone thinks of this. Gift giving isn’t about receiving something in return, it’s about bringing smiles to people’s faces. And, if your blind date doesn’t smile? Well, now you know.
Scores 4.87 with 69 votes

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