First Date Checklist - Men

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  • ;Keep your breath smelling fresh all night ;by practicing good dental hygiene before the date and by popping a mint or two throughout.
  • ;Smell amazing throughout the date by using these products before you go out. But take care not to drown yourself in cologne.
  • ;Unless you are going to be sitting down for the majority of the evening, comfortable shoes are essential so long as they match your ensemble.
  • ;Choose an outfit at least a day before your date to avoid scrambling at the last minute.
  • ;Choose a nearby establishment that's familiar to both of you. This means less time looking at directions and driving, and a comfortable atmosphere will make both of you feel at ease. Whoever makes the reservations should discuss food tastes with the other to avoid allergy and diet restriction issues.
  • ;Call the restaurant at least 45 minutes before your reservation to avoid embarrassment or time slot confusion.
  • Offer to come fetch her unless she wants to meet you at the destination. Make sure your vehicle has enough gas and is running properly.
  • ;Tickets may be required for some date destinations, such as a movie and dinner date.
  • This is crucial, but avoid it turning into an "interview." Ask about her background, occupation, education, family, friends and anything else you can think of that is appropriate to ask on a first date. Listen to the responses and have your own opinions on things rather than simply agreeing with everything she says.
  • It is very important to be polite to your date. However, how you treat servers, people at the bar, movie theater ushers, or anyone you come in contact with while on the date will also demonstrate what kind of person you are.
  • ;Keep discussion of past relationships to a severe minimum on a first date to avoid making each other feel uncomfortable.
  • ;While a cocktail or two is acceptable to help calm your nerves, you shouldn't be looking to get sloppy drunk on a first date.
  • ;Stick to positive statements and opinions to avoid bad first impressions.
  • As a general rule, the man should reach for the bill first. Though you may opt to "go dutch" on later dates, impress her by discretely paying the bill on your first date.
Scores 4.73 with 71 votes
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First impressions are everything. That's never more true than on a first date. You want to wow her with your good looks, charm and chivalry. And you can easily do so, just by following a few simple guidelines. Plan ahead, prepare yourself, and most important of all, be yourself and have a great time.


• Don't be too pushy. If you want to move beyond a first date, it is important to let your date know, though you should avoid too much physical contact unless the events of the evening warrant it. • Maintain eye contact, but don't stare. Eye contact is great, though overly intense staring from either party can seem creepy.

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