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  • Planning an Office Party
    • Make yourself the event organizer and pull in other social employees to create a committee.
    • Set up a suggestion box or create a short questionnaire for employees to solicit ideas.
    • Set up your budget.
    • Decide if this is an employee only, employee & guest or employee family event.
    • Based on budget determine facility, menu, entertainment and decorations for your event.
    • Set the date, place and time for your party.
    • Reserve any rental items if necessary.
    • Schedule an activity or some entertainment to break the ice.
    • Send out invitations at least four weeks in advance.
    • Send out reminder emails or post flyers on boards.
    • Request RSVP’s to attend.
    • Make sure employees that work off-site are also notified.
    • Make sure your business is legally safe if you are providing alcoholic beverages.
  • The Day Before the Party
    • Pick up and set up rental equipment, tables, etc.
    • Coordinate last-minute arrangements with caterer/helpers.
    • Place a Welcome Sign at entrance.
  • Office Party Day
    • Put up party directional signs for guest and tie balloons to entrance of party area.
    • Decorate Party Room.
    • Coordinate set-up, service, cleanup with hired helpers.
    • Prepare and arrange remaining food.
    • Have fun!

Office Party Checklist
  Alex Strickland

on January 1, 2012

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