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  • Class Structure
    • Reviews previous day’s course content.
    • Gives overview of day’s course content.
    • Summarizes course content covered.
    • Directs student preparation for next class.
  • Methods
    • Provides well-designed materials.
    • Employs non-lecture learning activities.
    • Invites class discussion.
    • Employs other tools/instructional aids.
    • Delivers well-planned lecture.
  • Teacher-Student Interaction
    • Solicits student input.
    • Involves a variety of students.
    • Demonstrates awareness of individual student learning needs.
  • Content
    • Appears knowledgeable.
    • Appears well organized.
    • Explains concepts clearly.
    • Relates concepts to students’ experience.
    • Selects learning experiences appropriate to level of learning.

Classroom Checklist
  Kimberly French

on December 29, 2011

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