Reduce Wrinkles Checklist

There are some things in life you just can’t avoid. Growing older is one of them. However, if you take good care of yourself, you can reduce wrinkles and feel better about aging. This Reduce Wrinkles Checklist will tell you everything you need to know to help your skin look vibrant and youthful as you become wiser.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure.

A little bit of sunshine on your skin is good for you, but too much sun can be damaging and lethal. Be sure to do the following when you’ll be in the sun for extended periods of time:

  • They protect the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Get Plenty of Sleep.

Your body needs sleep to repair damaged cells in the body and organs. Not to mention, when you don’t get enough sleep, your body makes too much cortisol, which tears down cells in your skin.

Do Not Smoke Cigarettes.

Smoking ages skin and makes skin thinner by down the elastin and collagen.

Eat Foods with Omega-3.

Cold water fish is an excellent source of Omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid. These keep the skin nourished and reduces wrinkles.

Don’t Squint.

Squinting your eyes from the sunlight or from the inability to see well can cause wrinkles because it’s a repetitive movement that makes the muscles in your face work overtime.

Sleep on Your Back.

If you sleep on your stomach, you can add to the lines around your brow. If you sleep on your side, you can cause wrinkles on your chin and cheeks. That just leaves your back.


A good natural moisturizer will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Avoid moisturizers with chemical ingredients as they will dry your skin out.

Drink Water.

Staying hydrated is really important to good looking skin. Water flushes out toxins and keep your body healthy from the inside out.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water, which is very hydrating and good for your skin. Plus, the vitamin compounds fight free radicals in your body.

Reduce Wrinkles Checklist

Wear sunscreen in the winter, too. The sun is just as strong. Also, don’t over wash your face. You can strip your skin of natural oils that keep your skin healthy. A good trick for sleeping on your back, if you are one of those people who have developed that habit, is to use a flat pillow to help prop your chin up while you sleep. In addition, consuming white tea, tomato, cocoa, and grapeseed have been proven to improve skin firmness. Remember, growing older is inevitable. The more you worry about it, the worse that worry line will be. Take good care of yourself, and embrace growing older.