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Pedicure Checklist

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Sandal season is around the corner, and you’ll want your feet looking their very best. Why not give yourself a relaxing home pedicure to celebrate warmer weather on the way? Let this Pedicure Checklist guide you on your way to showcasing your toes in time for Spring.
  • You’ll want to make sure you have all of these things available for your convenience.
  • Take off your old polish using nail polish remover and cotton balls.
  • Pour yourself a bath, but only fill it half full. Add a dash of epsom salt into the warm water. Epsom salt is good for reducing inflammation, aiding in nerve and muscle function and improves the absorption of nutrients. It also flushes toxins. Stick your feet in the bath for ten to fifteen minutes, long enough for your cuticles and skin to become soft.
  • Take your clippers and trim your toenails. Don’t clip them too much. You want them to be even with your toes. Then, use your emery board to round out the nail edges gently.
  • Now you’re ready to exfoliate and get rid of callouses. You can find a pumice stone and exfoliating cleanser in your beauty aisle at the grocery store. Massage your feet with the exfoliant and follow with a good scrubbing to remove dead skin from your feet. Be sure to get your heels, too. Use warm water to rinse.
  • You can use any kind of lotion or cream or you can use a special peppermint foot cream. Massage it into your feet. Take as much time as you want and need to relax your sore arches. Be sure to use a cotton ball with polish remover on your toes to get them ready for paint.
  • Wind a tissue between your toes to help keep them separated. This will make it easier to paint.
  • Apply your base coat, followed by your color polish. You’ll want one layer of base, two layer of color. Follow up with a final layer of top coat. Wait a few moments between layers.
  • Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to let your toes dry so that you don’t mess up your pretty pedicure.
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Pedicure Checklist Tips

Before you start painting your toes, put on a pair of flip flops so that you can run errands around the neighborhood, if necessary, without messing up your pedicure. And when you're applying paint, wipe off excess paint from your brush, put your brush in the middle of your nail near the cuticle, and paint toward the tip of your nail. Keep applying the paint this way across your nail. Remember, if you are busy, and don’t want to have to give yourself a new pedicure in a week or so, use a light color. It won’t be so obvious after a few weeks have gone by.

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