Makeover Checklist

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Makeover Checklist
  • It can be difficult to be objective about the way you look. Reach out to a good friend whose opinion you trust, and ask them what they think you should do to spice things up.
  • While change can be fun, it can also be a little nerve-wracking. You may want to take some time to get used to a new you. Spend a few days psyching yourself up for your makeover:
  • Link up with your favorite hairdresser, and ask him or her for a recommendation. Spend as much time as you need before making any major decisions. There are so many things you can do with your hair:
  • Feeling punky? Pick any color on the rainbow. Feeling adventurous? Go for a fiery red or bombshell blonde. Not ready for that much of a change? Highlights are a really subtle yet effective way to accomplish your goal.
  • If you’ve been wearing your hair long, maybe it’s time to try out a bob or some funky layers.
  • Feeling dramatic? Try out some super long hair extensions.
  • If you’re the type of person who wears makeup all the time, try going without. If that idea makes you uncomfortable, then just wear a little bit of mascara and lip gloss. If you never wear makeup, visit your local cosmetic store and ask a sales associate to help you find a color palette to play with. Many stores will give you a mini makeover and send you home with samples of products to play with at home.
  • Playing dress up is so much fun. You’ve got several options to choose from:
  • Most people have closets crammed full of clothes that they never wear. Take this opportunity to clean it out. Make a pile of things you want to keep, and another pile of stuff you want to give away. You’ll be surprised at how many items you rediscover during this process.
  • Now take that pile of clothes you want to give away, and organize a clothing swap with your friends and roommates. Invite everyone over, ask them to bring their unwanted items, and start tying clothes on. It’s an affordable and fun way to change things up.'
  • Do you always shop at the same types of stores? Hit up that new store with the edgy clothes you are always eye-balling, and try on something you don’t generally wear. Stepping outside your comfort zone from time to time is a good way to gain a new perspective on your personal style. You may discover you like a certain style. Or you may find yourself confirming what you don’t like. Either way, it’s a great learning experience.
  • One of the quickest and easiest ways to play with your style, is to accessorize. Plus, it’s less of a commitment than dying and cutting your hair
  • You can dress them up or dress them down. They can be sporty, sophisticated, silly, or sexy.
  • If your style is usually simple and sweet, try on some bold bangles and bright beads.
  • Now that you have a brand new look to play around with, grab a friend and your camera phone and take fun photos in interesting locations around your city or town. Post a few of your favorites on social media and share your story with friends. Everyone loves a good makeover!
Scores 4.90 with 191 votes

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