Healthy Hair Checklist

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  • Do you wash your hair everyday? If so, your hair probably feels dry from washing away all of your natural oils that the scalp produces. It could feel oily because your scalp may produce too much oil to over compensate. Either way, you can break this cycle by washing your hair less. Try between one to four times a week. It’s different for everyone so experiment, and find what’s right for you.
  • Gently air drying is the healthiest way to treat your hair. Your tresses are fragile. Handle with care. Use blow dryers, curling irons, and other tools on special occasions. If used regularly, you can do a lot of damage.
  • Do a quick internet search for homemade hair care, and you’ll find a bunch of recipes using items you’ll find in your kitchen:
  • Read the labels for your hair care products, before you purchase them. If they contain harsh chemicals using words you cannot pronounce, steer clear of them. Instead, opt for products that contain pure substances:
  • While experimenting with different hair colors is fun, it can also cause dry and brittle locks. Be mindful of how often you’re using bleach and dyes. A healthy alternative to abrasive colorants is henna. It’s all natural, chemical free, and will condition your hair as it colors it.
  • Trimming your hair at the first sign of split ends will prevent your hair from looking scraggly and dry. A good rule of thumb is to trim the ends every two to four months to keep your mane looking healthy and full of bounce.
  • Your hair can be damaged by harsh climate conditions just like your skin. Cover your head with a scarf when spending a lot of time in the sunshine. In the winter, don’t go outside with wet locks as it will freeze, becoming brittle.
  • A balanced diet will aid in the growth of your hair, and fortify hair follicles. Be sure to eat plenty of foods that are high in vitamins, protein, and essential fatty acids:
Scores 4.82 with 65 votes

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