Golf Checklist


  • These are a definite must from either a professional, or a semi-professional player.
  • Going to a course gets your body in the habit of working out,and your body knows it.
  • These are great for working on these really long shots. Most have a putting green to work on your short game as well.
  • Get it personally fitted. Wrong sizes can lead to blisters or worse.
  • If you're planning on golfing a lot, save yourself a lot of money on fees, and join annually.
  • At the very minimum, do some stretching beforehand; your whole body is involved in this particular sport.


Things to Take

Clothing to Wear


Golfing is a very popular sport now, and with scandal in the air concerning golfing greats such as Tiger Woods, golf is in the news more than ever. It's always been a 'gentleman's sport, with more interest building in it every day.  Learning to golf safely is not hard, but there are a few things to know.   Common sense is really the name of the game - but you can still have fun and be safe, too! Safety starts with lessons that teach proper methods on how to swing, golf etiquette, and much more.  Picking out the proper sized clubs is also a significant safety factor - for both you and the people around you. By taking these steps, you will be able to be safe, have fun and learn a great game!


Lessons can keep you from throwing out your back or spraining your wrist as well.  Weather and safety tie together when golfing; thunderstorms with lightning don't mix well with a metal shaft on a golf club.  Don't be silly and golf in the rain! Give it up, and call it a day, instead. You can always sit in the clubhouse and have a nice hot cup of tea and watch the other silly folk putting away in the downpour.  Choosing the golf course to play on is not always simple.  Ask around, though, and find out what other golfers in the area think of different golf courses. For example, are they safer? While some courses may be strictly on a professional level, others may not be so hard and even a novice can take a try, if you are up for a good challenge. Keeping an open mind will allow those challenges to happen on occasion. But also remember that challenges require good common sense and safety.  Water traps are neat to play around,but if you're not careful, dangerous for you, too. Pay attention to what you're doing.  As your skills improve, your safety awareness will also. In the meantime, be vigilant. Pay attention to the weather.  Ensure that your clubs are the right size, and that all of your equipment is in good working order.