Golf Checklist

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  • These are a definite must from either a professional, or a semi-professional player.
  • Going to a course gets your body in the habit of working out,and your body knows it.
  • These are great for working on these really long shots. Most have a putting green to work on your short game as well.
  • Get it personally fitted. Wrong sizes can lead to blisters or worse.
  • If you're planning on golfing a lot, save yourself a lot of money on fees, and join annually.
  • At the very minimum, do some stretching beforehand; your whole body is involved in this particular sport.
  • Be sure to get the right mix: three woods, eight irons, one sand wedge and one putter.
  • Ensure that all of your clubs will fit in it, and so will all other necessary items that you want.
  • Use these to set balls up to drive down the fairway.
  • For your clubs to keep them clean and dry.
  • Use this to repair divots that are made when driving your ball down the fairway.
  • Either pull or electric, use these to get around the course more easily.
  • Who really wants to get a sunburn?
  • Bug bites are not necessary, so prevent as many of them as possible.
  • Walking around in the heat requires you to stay hydrated, so carry some water with you.
  • Whether you choose granola bars, or some type of protein bars, take a bit of food with you to keep your energy level up.
  • Just in case something happens to you, or your partner, you'll have your phone to use.
  • Whether these are floppy, like a fishing hat, or stiff, be sure to have one that can be worn to shade your eyes so you can see what you're doing.
  • Typically, golf shorts are worn long - a bit above the knees, sometimes in the middle of the knee.
  • Most golfers have their own personal styles that they like, but many golf courses do tend to have a dress code insisting on collars at the very least.
  • Dress pants are required by golf courses typically during a tournament, but not always.
  • Golf shoes have cleats similar to a baseball shoe on them - and ensuring that they fit correctly is very important so that they don't work against the player during the game.
  • Pay attention to it, and if there's bad weather coming, be sure to consider that when getting ready to play your game.
  • Staying in a group will always make things safer for any player, especially if playing on an unfamiliar course.
  • Keeping that handy water bottle or vitamin drink nearby will keep your body from reacting badly to excessive heat.
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