Event Planner Checklist

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  • Hold a formal meeting with stakeholders to ensure you understand their needs and are prepared to meet them.
  • In larger cities, this may have to be booked even further ahead. Pay the deposit and sign any necessary contracts to ensure the space is reserved.
  • Before setting a budget, ensure funding is in place.
  • Make a shortlist of vendors who meet the menu and budget guidelines to present to committee members or the head organizer.
  • If the event requires security, book now and pay a deposit.
  • Book speakers and send save 'the date' notices to key guests.
  • This is the person guests can call or email for information or to RSVP.
  • Advertise the event in media, online, or by sending invitations for a private function.
  • Book a block of hotel rooms near the event venue if out of town guests require.
  • Price train fare and flights and send this information to guests traveling to attend.
  • If prizes or gifts are required, solicit donations from community sponsors.
  • Determine audiovisual requirements and a seating arrangement to ensure the seating and equipment is available.
  • Hold a training session for staff to reiterate expectations, set standards, and delegate duties leading up to and the day of the event.
  • Secure any parking, liquor, or other required licensing.
  • Confirm the menu and number of attendees with the caterer.
  • Finalize and distribute the agenda to all organizers, speakers, and support/technology staff.
  • Supervise set-up and walk through the days events to ensure all systems are in place, equipment is working, and supplies are adequate.
  • Take staff through the venue and give each a detailed description of their duties.
  • Set up signage, place cards, menu boards, and any other visuals.
  • Contact each speaker to confirm and review the agenda.
  • Confirm live entertainment needs and ensure all equipment is ready.
  • Buy additional supplies, if needed.
  • Delegate tasks for all organizers, volunteers, and staff. Oversee the operation as all equipment, seating, signage, etc., are checked.
  • Have an adequate number of staff or volunteers welcome guests and orient them in the space.
  • Carry a cell phone or handset and communicate regularly with staff and volunteer organizers.
  • Return any rented equipment, glassware, or seating.
  • Thank all volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and organizers for their contribution.
  • Prepare a final budget and submit to your organization.
  • Write a report for organization members who may plan similar events in the future.
Scores 4.79 with 345 votes

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