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  • Planning Your Wedding Reception
    • Once the wedding date has been finalized, prepare a rough guest list.
    • Prepare your wedding budget.
    • Select the reception venue.
    • Make a floor layout for the tables and seating area at the reception site.
    • Choose theme and color scheme to add beauty and style to the entire event.
    • Define the decor at the reception venue.
    • Prepare a second dress to wear at their reception.
    • Arrange entertainment, a band or DJ.
    • Arrange for a caterer, if the chosen reception venue does not provide catering facility.
    • Make hotel arrangements for the out-of-town guests.
    • Choose your wedding cake.
    • Have the final guest list ready and send the wedding invitations.
    • Take dancing lessons.
    • Book a photographer.
    • Make flower arrangements.
    • Order wedding favors and accessories.
  • Wedding Reception
    • Arrive at the reception location with your wedding party.
    • Grab a drink and get into positions for the receiving line and greet your guests.
    • MC introduces the wedding party into the room.
    • Have your first dance.
    • The best man makes a toast to the happy couple.
    • If you are having more then 4 speeches, it’s more entertaining when they’re given between courses.
    • If you want to have the speeches said one after the other, that can be done after the meal.
    • You and your wedding party should start the dancing.
    • Have the parent’s dance.
    • Cut your cake.
    • Toss your bouquet and your husband flings your garter.
    • The sweet table or late-night buffet can start right after the tosses.
    • Change into your going away outfit.
    • Have your last dance.
    • Say your goodbyes and leave.

Wedding Reception Checklist
  Sherry M. Lewis

on December 26, 2011

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