Bridal Shower Checklist

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  • Check with the bride to see who she wants invited - it's her shower and her choice.
  • You'll need funds, so hit up family and friends to show the bride to be a good time.
  • Bridal showers are traditionally a morning or early afternoon affair, and so should be held on a weekend.
  • The shower may be held at home, in the dining hall of a nice restaurant, in a church or many other venues.
  • Ask the bride if she desires a particular theme,. If not, you can get creative.
  • Invitations should be pretty and feminine, and request an RSVP as well as include directions to the event.
  • Call around and select a caterer, and decide on a menu. Brunch items are lovely for morning showers, or afternoon showers may feature teatime treats.
  • Register the bride online for items the couple will need to set up housekeeping.
  • Floral arrangements should be tasteful and understated. Ask the florist about specials.
  • You may wish to opt for balloons instead of flowers if the budget is tight or some guests have allergies.
  • If held at home, the shower may be large enough to require extra tables and chairs to be rented.
  • A bridal shower cake is traditionally a white cake, but layered cakes with jelly filling are coming in style. Order early.
  • Select fun games to play at the party, and shop for any needed supplies - including pencils and small pads of paper for word games.
  • Plan on a small favor bag for each guest to take home. Also have some small prizes for the games.
  • You can go for casual and a quick clean up with paper and plastic, or get out Grandmother's china for a formal bridal shower.
  • Double check with the caterer concerning the menu and game-plan for the party.
  • Contact those who have not RSVPd, and find out if they will be attending.
  • Someone should be in charge of videotaping the event, and another person can take pictures. A professional may be hired if the party is very elaborate.
  • Purchase gifts for the lucky couple, and check the registry to ensure there are no duplications.
  • These should be already purchased and ready to put up.
  • Everything possible should be delivered the day before to make set up stress free.
  • If the cake is not being delivered, assign someone to pick it up
  • The florist may deliver, or you may have to pick these up as well.
  • One person should use the invitation list to note who gave what gift, so thank you notes can be mailed later.
  • Large trash bags should be stocked for discarding trash and wrapping paper during the party, making final clean up easier.
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