Bachelor Party Detailed Checklist

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  • Let him know you are planning the party and ask him to list the top four or five things on his wish list for things to do at the perfect bachelor party. You don't have to do them all, but this will give you some ideas.
  • Send guests a request that they save the date, with more details to follow.
  • Depending on the city, the size of the party, and the popularity of the venue, this may have to be reserved even earlier.
  • If the party is out of town, start pricing train fare or flights and hotels to give guests an approximate idea of the cost involved.
  • Price out options for getting around the night of the party: a limo, passenger van, small bus, etc.
  • Whether by snail mail, email, or carrier pigeon, ask guests to RSVP by three weeks before the date of the party and call to confirm if you do not receive a response.
  • Include any required contributions on the invitation if guests are expected to help fund the festivities. Leave a contact number so they can contact you with any questions.
  • Book any live entertainment coming to the party, or book good seats in an adult entertainment venue if you're going out.
  • Start planning the menu, unless you are going out to eat.
  • Contact any gusts who have responded to the invitation and get a final count on the number of people expected.
  • Make sure anyone traveling to attend has the name and number of a good hotel or can stay with friends.
  • If the party is catered, give the caterer a final head count. Account for any food sensitivities or allergies.
  • Keep it a surprise, but know where you are going and how long you plan to be in each place.
  • Buy any party favors, gag gifts, snack foods, or other smaller items needed to complete the party.
  • Call the hired car or other transportation company with a final count and a review of the itinerary to avoid confusion the night of the party.
  • Make sure they understand where to go and when to arrive.
  • Confirm their attendance and make sure everyone has a way to get to the party and a place to stay afterwards.
  • Make any final preparations, such as setting up tables and chairs for poker, bringing in picnic tables for a large BBQ, or preparing snacks.
  • Give him something to look forward to without giving away all of the details.
  • Grab any last minute items you might have forgotten, like mix for drinks or prizes for games.
  • Tomorrow is going to be a long day!
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If you have been given the honor of acting as a best man, you have some party planning to do! The best man traditionally plans and hosts a bachelor party, for one last night of shenanigans before the big day. There is no right or wrong way to have a bachelor party; any event the groom finds entertaining is appropriate. While many grooms look forward to a night out, complete with bar-hopping, free flowing drinks and live entertainment, some are just as happy to spend the day golfing with buddies or partying at a live concert. Use this checklist to get organized and make sure all of the important details are covered as the date of the party approaches.


Choose a theme and events the groom can enjoy. Hold the party some time in the month approaching the big day, but avoid the night before the wedding so the groom and groomsmen are in good shape for the big day. While choosing a venue and transportation, have a rough estimate of how many people you will need to accommodate. Will you invite the groom’s coworkers or relatives, or is it for friends only? It is best to ask the groom for guidance when deciding who to invite, to avoid leaving anyone out as much as to prevent embarrassing the groom or making him feel as though he can’t cut loose and have fun because certain people are there.  Bachelor parties can be as wild or as tame as the groom wants. Find out how far you can go and toe that line without crossing it. Keep the details and itinerary secret to surprise the groom with your amazing planning skills as you whisk him around town on a night he’ll never forget! Just leave the cameras at home.

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