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  • Tea Party Planning
    • Make a list of the people you would like to invite.
    • Decide on a date and time.
    • Organise your venue – this could be at your home or your office.
    • Write and send out invitations.
    • In your invitation, specify the time, dress and type of afternoon tea (cream tea, light tea, full tea).
    • Create your tea menu, include traditional and unique or seasonal teas.
    • Choose your decor or theme carefully.
    • Prepare your tea set and place settings.
    • Have enough tea cups, silverware, and napkins for each guest.
    • Brush up on your tea party etiquette.
    • Stock up on tea, coffee, milk, herbal tea and soft drinks.
    • Get some volunteers to help you lay out everything on the day.
    • Take photographs.
  • Tea Party Supplies
    • Tablecloth, tea napkins, napkin rings.
    • Tea kettle.
    • Tea set consisting of a teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl.
    • Tea cups, tea spoons and the saucers.
    • Tea plates and serving plates.
    • Dessert plates.
    • Sugar bowl or honey pot.
    • Serving tongs for proper tea etiquette.
    • Cream pitcher.
    • Sugar or honey, sliced lemon, milk or cream.
    • Tea and tasty food, of course.

Tea Party Checklist
  Jake R Brady

on January 2, 2012

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