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  • 1 Week Before the Party Sleepover
    • Decide on a date for the sleepover party.
    • Create a guest list.
    • Figure out which rooms you will and will not be using.
    • Make a music play list.
    • Send out the invitations.
    • Plan and buy decorations.
    • Create a menu and shopping list.
  • 1 Day Before the Party Sleepover
    • Clean the rooms you will be using.
    • Put together a little midnight snack pack for each child.
    • Find out ways of entertaining the kids before bedtime e g. board games or DVDs.
    • Arrange for portable seating such as bean bags and cushions for everyone.
    • Arrange generous towels and extra pillows.
    • Make sure soft lighting or nightlights that can be accessed by each child in the middle of the night.
    • Make sure all mums and children know the start and finish time of party sleepover.
    • Chat to other mums to make sure you have the right bedding for their child.
    • Keep a list of all the other mums? home and mobile numbers next to the phone.
  • The Day of Party Sleepover
    • Decorate the party area.
    • Prepare foods.
    • Set the rules.
    • Wait for children to arrive!

Sleepover Party Checklist

on January 2, 2012

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