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  • Buying and Ordering
    • Select apppliances.
    • Consider how much space you want to allocate to each appliance.
    • Research ratings and reliability online or in a consumer magazine.
    • Look at cabinet styles and get preliminary estimates.
    • Browse countertop options.
    • Get ideas for any large features you want for your kitchen.
    • Consider hiring professional kitchen designer.
    • Begin designing the layout for the room.
    • Set up a preliminary outline of work to be done.
    • Begin ordering windows, doors, moldings, appliances, sink, flooring etc.
    • When ordering ask about delivery times and installation costs.
    • Sign contracts for cabinets, demolition, installation, and any other renovation work.
    • Set up a chronological spreadsheet.
  • Preparation
    • Rent a trash container.
    • Set up a working kitchen.
    • Clean out the kitchen.
    • Wait for new cabinets and appliances.
    • Get rid of old appliances and cabinets.
    • Shut off electricity, then water.
    • Clean the kitchen and trash area.
    • Check arrival dates of workers and materials.
    • Plan to keep the work areas clean daily.
  • Installation and Decoration
    • Install base cabinets.
    • If your appliances are built in, they’ll need to be on hand when cabinets are installed.
    • Install wall cabinets.
    • Install countertops.
    • Install backsplash.
    • Install the sink, faucets, disposal, and make all water connections Test for leaks.
    • Install drawers and doors.
    • Install matching cabinet end panels and appliance panel covers for dishwashers, refrigerators, and others.
    • Install or attach lighting fixtures to the ceiling, wall, or under cabinets.
    • Install flooring.
    • Clean and polish everything.
    • Install window treatments.

Kitchen Remodeling Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on January 1, 2012

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