Building Inspection Checklist

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  • All bearing points should be properly supported.
  • Any strapping or bolts should already be in place and secure.
  • Should be in place and nailed according to code.
  • Must be installed and supported according to code.
  • Insulation should meet standards and be appropriately fire-blocked as needed.
  • Plumbing, electrical and HVAC installation should be complete.
  • These should be properly installed and functional.
  • Any blown insulation should be completed and certificate card posted; pull down stairs installed
  • All glass doors must be verified as tempered glass.
  • Railings should be in place and wheelchair access provided where indicated (commercial installations).
  • All electrical outlets should be covered and grounded properly.
  • The entire garage area should be fire-stopped and doors properly installed.
  • The roof should be fully installed, sealed, and flashing nailed down. Gutters and downspouts should be in place.
  • Vents and exhaust openings should be sealed and caulked around.
  • Exterior wood should be primed and painted or sealed.
  • Drives and walkways should be appropriately footed and graded to provide drainage away from the foundation.
  • These should be installed on the house in full view of the street, and if possible numbers should be painted on the curb as well.
  • This should be posted in plain view of the street.
  • Architectural plans should be available for the inspector to review.
  • Appropriate paperwork should be available showing proof of zoning exception, if needed.
Scores 4.81 with 759 votes
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