Paint a Room Checklist

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  • You may want one with a retractable or attachable handle for ceilings or high walls.
  • Put tape where the wall meets the door and window frames and any moldings.
  • Primer will maximize sheen and give paint an overall even appearance.
  • ;Set roller in the middle of tray well.
  • Ensure the roller absorbs paint fully.
  • Remove excess by scraping brush on sides of can.
  • Use your roller by starting at the corner and painting in a 3x3 "W" pattern, then fill in the sections.
  • Keep using the "W" (or M) pattern, and fill in the spaces.
  • Brush around doorframes, windows, and moldings.
  • Wait until walls are completely dry, then tape where wall meets the trim.
  • Hold the brush handle as you would a pencil.
  • Touch up with your brush.
  • Make sure water runs clear before setting tools out to dry.
Scores 4.77 with 149 votes
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You can brighten up any room with a fresh coat of paint and a little know-how. Our Paint a Room Checklist gives you the tips and tools you need to makeover your favorite room...easily.

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