Paint a Room Checklist

Lauren Meir

Lauren Meir

created on May 16, 2012

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    You may want one with a retractable or attachable handle for ceilings or high walls.
    Put tape where the wall meets the door and window frames and any moldings.
    Primer will maximize sheen and give paint an overall even appearance.
    ;Set roller in the middle of tray well.
    Ensure the roller absorbs paint fully.
    Remove excess by scraping brush on sides of can.
    Use your roller by starting at the corner and painting in a 3x3 "W" pattern, then fill in the sections.
    Keep using the "W" (or M) pattern, and fill in the spaces.
    Brush around doorframes, windows, and moldings.
    Wait until walls are completely dry, then tape where wall meets the trim.
    Hold the brush handle as you would a pencil.
    Touch up with your brush.
    Make sure water runs clear before setting tools out to dry.
4.77 with 149 votes


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You can brighten up any room with a fresh coat of paint and a little know-how. Our Paint a Room Checklist gives you the tips and tools you need to makeover your favorite room...easily.

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