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  • Pre-production
    • Lock your script – it needs to be as complete as possible, before you shoot.
    • Have your writer sign an "Assignment of Rights" with the production coordinator.
    • Write your budget.
    • Have your budget confirmed with you Executive Producer.
    • Do a script breakdown and create strip boards, a production schedule and shooting schedule.
    • Find and book crew & confirm dates.
    • Prepare contracts for all crew members.
    • Scout locations.
    • Cast the show.
    • Start cast rehearsals with the director.
    • Print out the paperwork file from the web page and distribute to the proper personnel.
    • Lock locations at least one full month before shooting.
    • Complete all film permits, location agreements and certificates of insurance.
    • Meet with the production coordinator to do cash advances and check requests.
    • Order film or tape stock to the production coordinator.
    • Order sound tape.
    • Schedule the equipment.
    • Place any orders for equipment rental with the production coordinator.
    • Make sure all department heads are meeting with the director.
    • Have a safety meeting with the safety manager.
    • Have a tech scout.
    • Have a final production meeting with crew.
  • Equipment
    • Camera, sound, lighting, grip.
    • Book equipment (deposits, payment schedules)
    • Determine how to get equipment to location.
    • Make equipment list.
    • Test equipment (allow time to process and view).
    • Determine who will pick up equipment prior to shoot.
  • Stock
    • Order stock.
    • Get stock to location.
    • Determine what containers will stock be transported in?
    • Decide how will stock be stored on location.
    • Does stock need to be sent ahead to various location?
  • Locations
    • Arrange country film permits and filming requirements.
    • Arrange location permits & location agreements.
    • Get location details (address, phone, fax, contact name, directions, map, parking).
    • Check for power availability and voltage.
    • Check for special clothing or other requirements.
    • Check food, water and toilets.
    • Check security if gear to be left overnight.

Film Production Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 29, 2011

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