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Event Management Checklist

Event Management Checklist

Kimberly FrenchPublished on Dec 29, 2011

Event management is a big job - there are so many things to organize, so many things to remember, and so many tiny details that must be attended to to pull off the perfect event. An event could be a catered family reunion, a wedding on the beach, or a seminar for 10,000 attendees. Knowing how to plan ahead for emergencies and cope with the myriad tasks involved can make your event a success. Once you have a game plan, you can proceed to following through with managing all aspects of the event with confidence. This checklist can help you plan ahead and see potential problems before they emerge, so your event can be pulled off flawlessly.


The purpose of the event is where management starts - if you can define the purpose, you can describe the attendees, plan a theme, create a game plan and ensure that all participants leave the event feeling like it was worthwhile. This is just as true for a small family get-together as a corporate employee appreciation event or a wealth planning class. Remember the basics when you are getting started: evaluate, innovate, delegate. Start by evaluating the number of people attending, what they are expecting, and how to meet their needs. An elegant dinner party will require wait staff. A garden wedding - plenty of seating, An educational presentation; a large room with seating and a blank wall for a PowerPoint or slide show demonstration if necessary. You have to be able to come up with a projected budget that covers details such as venue, refreshments, and staffing.  Innovate. Be creative; make the event something people will remember and talk about for years to come, this could mean coming up with a unique theme, finding ways to barter services to cut costs, or even planning the event in a unusual location. Finally, delegate - event management can be an unwieldy beast, and for large events you will definitely need some help.

Kimberly FrenchPublished on Dec 29, 2011

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