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  • Concert Planning
    • Make sure the location for the concert is reserved well in advance.
    • Ensure the venue will be available for final rehearsals.
    • See how many helpers you will need for the concert.
    • Contact the helpers early to give them time to adjust their schedules to accommodate your needs.
    • Plan what equipment is needed for the concert.
    • Make sure to make arrangements for these items early.
    • Write down seating plans for the group and give copies of these plans to the set-up crew.
    • Write out announcer notes for the concert.
    • Create a pleasant written concert program for the audience.
    • Have tickets printed if they are to be used.
    • Send complimentary tickets to people who have helped in some way and key supporters.
    • Plan the publicity.
    • Check wearing apparel Be sure that all singers have the correct accessories.
    • Double-check one week before the concert that all items on your checklist is complete so no unexpected surprises interfere with your performance.
  • Concert Program
    • Include the composer / arranger of each piece of music.
    • Include the names and instrument of any featured soloist.
    • Include a full list of performers names.
    • Acknowledge all of the extra personnel that helped with the concert.
    • Get the program to the printer by the deadline date.

Concert Planning Checklist
  Jake R Brady

on December 25, 2011

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