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  • Planning
    • Take a small tour of your bathroom, and examine.
    • Make a checklist of things which don’t work and need to be completely replaced.
    • Make a lit of things which needs minor repairs.
    • Store the things which can be reused in a separate room.
    • If necessary, consult with a bathroom renovation expert.
    • Assess the difficulty of your renovation.
    • Plan the time needed to complete the job.
    • Compile a list of renovation resources.
    • Analyse your renovation budget.
    • Purchase new fixtures and flooring within your budget.
  • Plumbing
    • Fix all the pipes, the sink, shower, faucets, etc
    • If the pipes or other metal parts are rusted, then better get them replaced.
    • Change a shower or bath tub – decide which one you prefer.
    • Choose fixtures that enhance the appearance of your bathroom while conserving water and energy.
    • Install larger diameter water pipes to allow greater flow or pressure balancing valves.
    • Ensure that the drainage system is sufficiently vented.
  • Painting
    • Fix the damaged walls by getting rid of the cracked paints, filling up any holes or cracks in the walls.
    • Apply a primer and sealer to increase the life of the paint and the walls.
    • Apply a semi gloss finish to the walls, to protect them better.
  • Lighting
    • Add some fixtures to improve bathroom lighting.
    • Add a skylight window, if the source of natural light in the bathroom is limited.
    • Update lighting so that it is adequate and energy efficient.

Bathroom Renovation Checklist
  Laura Cooper Peterson

on December 28, 2011

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