Work Checklist

Going back to work after an absence can be nerve-wracking. Whether the absence was due to maternity leave, an extended illness or simply a period where there was no need to work, returning to the workforce takes some preparation. In some situations (notably when leave has been for a short period only), a job has been held open and all that is needed is to slide back into an old familiar routine. In other cases, a prolonged period of time away from the workforce indicates the need for a game plan in order to both secure a new job, and make the transition back into the field. Whether you are going back to work for financial reasons or simply to occupy your time and enrich your life, there are many considerations to be factored into your final decision. You should weigh the pros and cons of going back to work, decide what concessions you will have to make and determine which requirements are deal breakers. Family needs will have to be evaluated and you will have to prioritize demands on your time. Organization is key; and if you plan ahead, your re-entry into the workforce should be smooth and natural.