Syllabus Checklist

Course Title

Course objectives.

At the end of the course will gain:

Course organization.


A Syllabus has the basic objective of communicating the instructor's course design. It should include things like goals, policies, organization, requirements and expectations. Use this checklist as a template to build your courses syllabi (yes, that's the plural of syllabus).

When to write the Syllabus?

Some like to write the course syllabus after the course has been mostly developed and about to start. Others use it as a planning tool in the course of developing. In any case, you should have the syllabus ready well in advance of the course start so that students can prepare for the course on time. Note that many students use the course syllabus when making course selection.

The Course Syllabus Checklist

Use this checklist as a template when developing your syllabus. Simply click on the "Use Checklist" button to create your copy and then enter the syllabus information under each group. Note that you can remove a complete group if it is not required.