Snowboarding Checklist

Getting Ready

  • This would be a great thing to start out with. Check out your local skiing resort for a snowboarding course.
  • Be sure to get good, new or almost new equipment that is in excellent shape, and will provide more than adequate protection.
  • Becoming a member of a club will help you bond with other snowboarders, and give you more opportunities you might not otherwise get.
  • This comes with time on a personal level, so don't push yourself. Realize things take time.
  • Snowboarding means dressing in thick layers, so that they heat is trapped around your body.
  • This is easy to say, but for some hard to do, so use your common sense, and stop if you are pushing too hard.



Take With You

As time goes on, snowboarding gains even more popularity.  Whether that popularity is from the actual participation in the sport, or simply watching it from afar, snowboarding is just plain fun.  Learning to snowboard safely is one of the keys to the fun, so taking the time to understand snowboarding safety is imperative. Snowboarding safety begins with proper equipment, and of course, proper instruction.  Learning to use and balance yourself on the snowboard is important; and so is having protection for all parts of your body.  Snowboarding is far more fun (even if you fall) when your body can take an impact easily.


Get the right type of gear, including some solid buttocks and hip protection. Pay attention to the weather. While it’s true that snowboarding is done is very cold weather, there are times that it is far too cold to safely snowboard. Learn when those times are, and use your common sense to avoid them. Frostbite from exposure to very bitter cold is unnecessary, and totally avoidable. Check local forecasts, and pay attention to reports of possible danger from avalanche. Pick a snowboarding location that you have heard good things about.  Have your friends used the place a lot, and is it known to be safe?  Of course, check things out for yourself. Whether you are choosing to use a mountain, or a course of some sort, be sure that the area is well-taken care of.  Have someone with you, to keep an eye on what you’re doing, just in case you fall.  As you get better in terms of skill, look for a group or club that would be fun to join. The camaraderie would be great, and learning more skills from each other is always a plus.  Looking out for each other is always a bonus, because safety is an imperative. Constant training, and double-checking each others’ equipment make safety much simpler, and snowboarding tons more fun.