Skiing Checklist

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Skiing Checklist
  • Find a ski lodge or ski slope around you that offers lessons that you can sign up for.
  • Until you find your legs, rent. After that, and you're much more dedicated, then buy your own equipment.
  • This will take some time. Make sure that you work with someone that is a professional, though, and that has a lot of experience.
  • These are great for camaraderie, and learning from others. Join at least one; the experience will do you good!
  • Professionals should help you find the right ones.
  • Always look the pole over carefully, making sure there are no cracks or wear and tear. Buying new is best.
  • Be sure to get some good advice from a professional to ensure you buy the right ones for the skis you have purchased.
  • These should be cheeked before every run.
  • Pick the right kind for the type of skiing you will do, and have a professional check to ensure it fits properly.
  • Insulation and warmth are a big deal on the slopes. and the proper clothing can be the difference betwixt life and death
  • Warmth is definitely a big deal to help keep your fingers sensitive, so pick some really good gloves.
  • These can't be too bulky; as you still need to be able to maneuver in them.
  • To cover your eyes from glare and prevent frostbite.
  • A cell phone will definitely come in handy if you fall down, and can't get up.
  • Something as simple as a granola bar or trail mix, stuck in a pocket will be great if it's needed.
  • Most people wouldn't think of this; but you still do get burnt from the sun when skiing.
  • At the very least, have a photo ID, and a health insurance card on you at all times.
  • Simple stuff such as a couple of Ace bandages, and a few bandaids would do fine; just put them in a pocket.
  • For cross-country trips that are not on laid out trails, be sure to take some sort of map or compass to get to your destination.
  • If you're going to try a new slope, others will know and have an idea when to expect you back.
  • Be sure to get some water every time you come back between runs; your body will thank you!
  • Cell phones, two-way radios and the like are great for long cross-country skiing trips; it's easier to stay together.
  • Each and every time you use your equipment, check it to ensure that there are no problems with it.
  • Know when enough is enough, and don't go out.
  • Decide when to stop and start searching for someone if they don't appear at the time everyone thinks that they should; or if the weather suddenly turns bad.
Scores 4.76 with 89 votes

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