Online Course Checklist

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Online Course Checklist
  • Students who routinely procrastinate are not good candidates for online courses.
  • Students who have no problem sticking to a routine are good candidates for online courses.
  • Students who learn easily from material with minimal outside instruction are good candidates for online courses.
  • Being able to learn well from written material is imperative.
  • An average background in computer usage is a huge plus.
  • Student should have ready access to a reliable ISP or the college computer lab.
  • Student should have a dedicated email address for course related mail only.
  • Student should be able to use a word processing program, download software or files, and send emails with attachments when needed.
  • If the student will be using their own computer, a compatible one should be used that allows access.
  • In some cases a modem may be required to enhance speeds and enable internet access.
  • A browser such as IE or Firefox is needed to operate an online course.
  • A reliable email client with attachment functionality should be used.
  • A student version of Microsoft Word or a comparable program is best.
  • Students may need to download specific programs.
  • In some cases, this information may be on discs.
  • Most online courses have accompanying textbooks which may come with the course or may have to be purchased separately.
  • Make sure you meet prequalifications (some advanced courses require graduation from beginner courses first).
  • Signing up for too many courses can cause you to fall behind and score badly.
  • Know the start and end date for each course.
  • You should always login in on the first day of each class to provide information for your instructor.
  • Your username, password, login information, instructor's name and name of class should be printed and put somewhere safe.
Scores 4.74 with 91 votes

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