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Lawless Spanish - Unit 11

Lawless Spanish - Unit 11

Welcome to Unit 11! To go back to an earlier unit or jump ahead to a later one, use the About this course link at the end.

Lawless Spanish

Channel: Lawless SpanishPublished on Nov 27, 2020

Learn how to talk about your family in Spanish.

Everything from water to firewater.

It's pretty much the same in Spanish.

Generally equivalent to "of, from, about."

De is also equivalent to 's, as in Laura's lesson.

See how you do with Laura's quiz.

To talk about what just happened, use the recent past: acabar de.

Test yourself on using the recent past construction. (After taking the quiz, you'll be prompted to create a free Progress with Lawless Spanish account. Details below.)

Create a free Progress with Lawless Spanish account to take a level test, receive a personalized Studyplan, and track your progress through quizzes.

Tips on following this course and links to other units.

Lawless Spanish

Lawless SpanishPublished on Nov 27, 2020

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