Job Interview Checklist

Alex Strickland

Alex Strickland

created on Dec 25, 2011

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The job market is a competitive place, so we've put together a job interview checklist to help ensure your success. With dozens and sometimes hundreds of applicants vying for every job, you'll need to do everything within your power to make sure you stand out over all the other applicants. The good new is, if the company has contacted you and requested an interview, they're already looking at you as a possible candidate for the position, but the job isn't yours yet. Remember there are plenty of other people who want that job just as badly as you do and they're going to be fighting just as hard as you do to get it. Take a look at our job interview checklist to see everything you need to do to guarantee that job offer is yours.


Your job interview really starts well before you meet with the interviewer. It actually begins with that resume you submitted and the cover letter you attached. Granted, your resume impressed them enough to contact you for an interview, but if the company is only going to hire one person, then the person who had the best resume is already at the top of the list. A well researched cover letter is also very important, each cover letter should be written individually for each company you apply to.

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