Be Happy at Work Checklist

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Be Happy at Work Checklist
  • An optimistic and upbeat attitude is infectious, and helps
  • A helpful and supportive demeanor will
  • ;Smile and make eye contact when talking with coworkers or managers. Be respectful and courteous with everyone you work with, and you'll be respected in turn.
  • Work on forging professional relationships with coworkers. Actively engaging with your coworkers can help you build alliances. Get to know your coworkers better through group activities and company outings.
  • Take responsibility for your work and your actions, as well your mistakes.
  • Initiate projects, invite discussion and be open to new ideas.
  • Speak up in meetings to promote your ideas and help establish yourself as an asset to the company.
  • Don't wait to be asked; keep your manager actively informed.
  • If it's a big ;issue ;and it's detracting from your work, it's best to get it out in the open so it can be resolved quickly.
  • Just doing the bare minimum will affect how your manager views your work, and may hurt your chances of advancing your career. Take initiative and go the extra mile when you can.
  • Gossiping is never good, but workplace gossip can be especially
  • If you have a problem, try to work it out independently. If that fails, talk privately to your manager.
  • Even if it's said in jest to another co-worker, it will inevitably come back to haunt you.
  • Be neutral whenever disputes arise, especially with your boss. Save your fight for battles that matter.
  • Constantly coming up with reasons as to why you're late for work, blaming others for mistakes or missed deadlines will only end up damaging your reputation, and could cost you your job.
  • ;Frequently leaving early, cutting out of group projects or submitting shoddy work translates into a lack of interest for your job. Even if you want to leave, setting a bad example is not the way to do it!
Scores 4.77 with 137 votes

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