Work from Home Checklist

Lauren Meir

Lauren Meir

created on May 17, 2012

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    Try a few "practice days" before you make your final decision.
    Will you be saving money, or spending more on office supplies? If you're a freelancer, you'll have to open an IRA, and also consider health insurance. These factors should all be taken in to consideration.
    This should be ;separate ;or partitioned off from the rest of your home, a place where you can work undisturbed.
    Both are good, but if you have to pick, a laptop may be your best bet, since it's portable.
    If you run a business out of home, this ;may be necessary.
    This could be a draft board with a place to stash blueprints, or a dressmaker's dummy. Whatever it is you need for your job, you better make sure you have it!
    This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you don't set up an office environment that allows you to comfortably work and stay focused, you won't be productive.
    In order stay motivated and productive, you need a structured routine so you can effectively manage your ;tasks, especially if you have deadlines to meet.
    Monitor how much time is spent not working. What are you doing, and how much does it detract from your work schedule?
    This can distract you for hours, and will inevitably cost you your day...and possibly your job.
    If you work from home full-time, it's easy to lose contact with family and friends. Set aside time during the day (during a break, for example) to call or email close contacts...stay in the loop.
    Even working from home entitles you to a respite from your desk. Just be sure it's a reasonable break, and you use it wisely.
    If you're going stir crazy, it's ok to step out for a walk, or bring your work with you - take your laptop to a coffee shop or favorite place and work from there for an hour or two.
4.8 with 206 votes


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Considering a work-from-home position? There are some essential factors you need to think about before making the move. Our Work From Home Checklist outlines how to make your home office a positive environment for work. Check out helpful tips on how to stay productive and make the most of your workday from home.

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